Barbra Wilson

Barbra Wilson

Barbra interviews Alexander Masson!

What a great opportunity to interview the stunning newcomer Alexander Masson, known for his signature locs, and toned physique.

When Alexander heard about MoD he was eager to share his experiences and lend his support.

He is no stranger to adversity, it motivates him so its little wonder that he is climbing the industry ladder at a fast pace.

Here he shares his passion for modeling, what has him stand out from the rest and his view on the industry.
How did you get into modeling and did you come up against any adversity?
It was one of my passions since I was younger and got more serious about my career a year ago. 'Til this day I get rejected because of my unique look which are my dreadlocks, but rejection is my motivation to still strive for success.
You look turns heads, is quite unique and had J-Lo asking you to do be in not one, but two of her videos. How did it come about?
I was booked for her first video of "Adrenalina" to be a drummer and from there she liked my look and chose me for her second music video "I Luh Ya Papi". I was truly honored and in shock to find out that she personally wanted me for her second video.
What was it like working with J-Lo?
Working with JLo was a serial experience, she is really nice and a great person to work with. The fact that she herself stated "I like your hair" was the most incredible thing to hear from such a beautiful and talented artist.
You do have an ethnic look about you, not withstanding your beautiful hair, trying my best not to be stereotypical!. What is your heritage?
I am French/Colombian, I started to grow out my hair about 5 years ago and loc'd them about 3 years now.
Modeling is a passion for you and that has you be inspirational to others. Aside from being passionate what would you say makes a good models great and get work consistently?
I believe that there a many great models out there in this industry it is not easy to get work unless you have your everyday magazine/runway model. For me it is a bit difficult because of my locs, not everyone is willing to take the leap to accept such a drastic change for a male model.
You know what MoD's campaign is all about and how we strive to change the face of the fashion is industry to one that embraces diversity. Can you let us have your thoughts about this and any experiences you would like to share?
It's a great movement what you are trying to create here. This is something this industry lacks, which is the diversity and uniqueness. Anything outside of the norm will make you stand out of the everyday crowd but may not be accepted by all.
What do you think it's going to take to make a lasting change in the industry?
Being versatile and anticipate change itself.
How would you like to see the industry change?
For the industry to be more open to and entertain the differences of a Model be it height, weight, hairstyle, and/or skin color.
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Alexander Masson

Alexander Masson