Gogglebox's Sandie talks to MoD

On a bright Summer's morning in May there was an 08.30 call time in central London casino. We were happy to have Sandie spend some time with us showing support for Models of Diversity. As soon as Sandie arrives she brings with her a fun loving vibe which the team warm to, and our day begins. First up hair and makeup, then wardrobe then first set starts.

Sandie is no diva and she will tell you we are "normal" This is Sandie's first shoot and can we say she did so well, looked great and gave it a 100%.

Sandie the fun loving, vivacious woman did give us a small insight into herself and some of her thoughts.
Who inspires you and why?
My mother is my inspiration she was an amazing dress maker with her own fashion and styles.
London is a fantastic place to express your individuality. What is your opinion on fashion in the capital?
Fashion in London has always had its unique individuality especially in places like Camden and Oxford Street.
Do you think there is a place for the plus size model on our catwalks?
Yes I do think there definitely should be a place on the cat walk for plus size Models
How would you describe your fashion style?
I have my own Unique Swagga going on xx
Models of diversity have been doing great work for many years. What would you say to designers to motivate them to use an amputee for example in their show?
It would be a great achievement for the fashion world to open there doors for amputees and people with disabilities as we are all human, and should be given the same equal opportunities and show that they can also do the job just well as the another person because we are all beautiful in our own way xx
Do you have an opinion on the lack of models of colour on the world's catwalks?
Yes I do think there should be more multicultural people of colour on the world of Cat Walk.
And finally, what perfume are you wearing currently?
The Perfume im wearing is an Arabic Oud called AWTAR by Majestic. xx
Sandie! thank you for taking time out of your schedule to hangout with us. Thanks to the Luke at the Grovesnor casino Piccadilly for having us and making us feel so welcome. And thanks to our creative team on the day

  • Photographer: Riccardo J
  • Lighting Assistant: David Maynard
  • Hairstylist: James Catalano
  • Makeup: Koriaty Jia
  • Styling: CL Wedderburn
  • Dresses and Accessories: Best of Both Boutique