Kamaljit Kaur

Kamaljit Kaur

Introducing Kamaljit Kaur

Hi, I’m Kamal. I'm orginally from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, but now live in Birmingham. After nine years, I’ve made Birmingham very much my home. One of the things I love about the city is how multi-cultural it is, with communities living side-by-side.

I'm a busy Mum to two young children - a six-year-old daughter and I’m currently on maternity leave with my eight-month-old son. They are my pride and joy and make me proud to call them mine, but they also keep me very much on my toes! My day-to-day life is quite hectic but I do secretly love it and love spending time with them both.

Professionally, I work for Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital Charity as their Senior Fundraising Digital Marketing Officer. As a charity, we aim to improve the hospital experience by raising funds for state-of-the-art equipment, pioneering research, and to create a pleasant and comfortable environment, ensuring our patients receive the world-class care that they all deserve. You can find out more about my role here - riding the charity train . I absolutely love my role. I am constantly inspired by the hard work, passion and enthusiasm of our fundraisers and I love seeing the difference charitable donations make to our hospital environments.

Working within the charity sector, it has tradionally been seen as a 'white' profession, but campaigns such as #charitysowhite has allowed people of colour to have a voice and speak out against institutional racism and/or unconscious bias.

The issue of race however, is never an issue within my Fundraising team. We have a diverse workforce and I believe that the team make-up contributes highly to our success and popularity as a charity. Within the team, we have a Diversity and Inclusion group and members from diverse communities come together to talk about key issues or themes. My role is to represent the Sikh community within our fundraising communications and to build relationships between the two.

I am incredibly excited to be joining Models of Diversity as an Ambassador. I feel very strongly about championing the work that Models of Diversity do and to support them as they steam forward in their quest to encourage more diverse representation in the fashion industry. I love fashion and it gives me joy wearing new outfits and seeing what the latest trends are. I do tend to embrace brands which I feel are representative of today's society and I think it is very important that brands are mindful of this. In Indian/ South Asian media, I feel they still lag behind in terms of representing actual consumers and I find this disheartening.

Representation of curvy/plus-size, mature, and disabled models as well as models of colour and ethnicity is so important and the UK fashion industry is slowly becoming more diverse and progressing towards inclusiveness. In a world where creativity and adaptability are so desperately needed, diversity becomes not just a moral and ethical issue, but a survival mechanism for the future.

Over the past few years, I’ve taken a keen interest in women’s role within the workplace and community and connected with some amazing female role models from all professional and social backgrounds. They are my pillars of support and I draw so much strength from them. Since being included in the Top 550 list of influential leaders in the West Midlands (@WestMidlands550 ), life has been very interesting and I’ve been involved in some amazing events and campaigns.

At the beginning of this year, I made a conscious decision to start saying 'YES' to new opportunities that come my way, and it’s been a busy time but one I’ll always be grateful for.

I have my own Storytime show on a mainstream Sikh TV channel. The show is aimed at families and young children and I’ve had fantastic feedback from viewers who have said how refreshing and progressive it is to have someone like me on-screen. A lot of said their children relate to me as I look like their mum or sister, and that’s the aim. The younger generation should be exposed to diverse representatives from an early age. I’m also involved in the promotion of young, female singer and we have recently released her first video on YouTube.

I firmly believe we are given a role in life that has a purpose and it is up to us to find our path and enjoy the journey too. Excited to see what the future holds!

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