Sarah O'Rourke

Sarah O'Rourke

Sarah O'Rourke reports from Alt Fashion Fest

When I walked into the very fitting Circo in Liverpool the atmosphere was electric and exciting. I managed a quick selfie with our wonderful Gemma Flanagan before the show and eagerly awaiting the start.

The show opened with fire breathing and Lindy's boutique. The buzz was electric and everyone was enjoying the show.

Gemma Flanagan by Bri Mansy
We saw Anita Thomas' Twisted Disney collection and I have to say these and other designers picked their models well they were alternative confident and with an attitude that says we definitely do not have to stick to the fashion industry size zero to be confident or beautiful.
We share very similar values at MoD. We were treated to a beautiful song by the Liverpool Signing Choir. After this models showed their courage in wearing T-Shirts with names they have been called in the past which was eye opening, sad but triumphant all at the same time.

Jynx Monster by Jamie Dunnanzio
It is also important to mention the awareness this is bringing to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to raise awareness and prevention for hate crime.
There was beatboxing, gymnastics and then we also saw the fabulous FIFY collection by Michelle Navarro.

Just when we thought it was all over our very own Gemma Flanagan was introduced as Models of Diversity, Disability ambassador…

With two very hunky men carrying her down the stars looking spectacular. She was empowering and proudly rolled down the run way to a massive applause.

The first outfit she wore was Leigh Taylor Designs (who has a concession in Topshop Liverpool). My second outfit was by Anita Thomas (part of her Red Carpet Collection). Hair & Makeup, Bellisimo (Jane Bellis' brand) & Hairtools & Sexy Hair. The show closed with snake handlers and a massive applause to Jane Bellis and her sponsors.

Models of Diversity were impressed and support this event and wishes Jane and her crew all the very best in her tour.

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