Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill

Blog from Lauren Hill, new ambassador in Australia

Lauren is now our ambassador in Australia, read about her journey and views on diversity

Hi, my name is Lauren Hill,

Lauren on the Beach
I’ve been in the modelling industry for over 12 years, In this time I have worked in many different areas and gained a lot of knowledge, from when I started modelling at the age of 12, to now being an ambassador of body positivity and Models of Diversity.

When I first started modelling the industries perception on what beauty was is now very different to what it is now, we have come along way. If you didn’t fit in their narrow box that they called beauty, and conformed to what society was portraying, you weren’t even considered.

Opportunities don’t happen you create them, and I created my own dream at the age of 17. Working as an international model and living in New York city was one of the highlights of my career.

Lauren on the Beach (B&W)
When I look back now, I realise I was changing myself to suit the industry, but if I did not do this, I was not going to get anywhere in the modelling world.

To me beauty is something that comes from within, no matter what size, ethnicity, age, disability or gender. How many bodies do you have to live in to realise that just being yourself is enough?

How much can your body take until you’ve completely damaged it? I remember I said to myself, I don’t think my mind can take much more until I snap.

I have lived so many lives in result of having body dysmorphia, eating disorders, anxiety, abuse, failed diets and thinking being thin would give me long term happiness. All for what? We all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, without having the pressures of society thinking and telling us it’s not okay to love yourself for who you are.

Lauren Profile on the Beach (B&W)
Take it from me, that skinny girl wasn’t happy, I have battled demons that almost destroyed me.

I was sick of weighing myself and feeling less of a person for putting on a few kilos.

Everyone’s story is different and I know there are naturally very thin, beautiful girls out there but that wasn’t me, and I know a lot of women struggle with the same issues.

Childbirth was the most amazing and overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t stop there. You have to learn to love your postpartum body, embrace your body and love what it has created. The pressure to get that pre body back for mums, is such a major thing, it’s so unrealistic. We need to support each other, not criticise our fellow women. Enjoy the changes and celebrate them. Your body has just done something so remarkable, so wear your stretch marks with pride and your battle scars with honour.

Lauren Close-Up (B&W)
My focus now is to help others who have battled with these issue, and hopefully provide a more natural and understanding approach to what we have to face, day to day, living in a world where we are to connect, that everywhere you turn there’s someone with a negative opinion trying to bring you down.

There is more then one definition of beauty, your uniqueness make you stand out from the crowd, embrace it. I have received numerous people having negative comments towards me and backlash on being my raw self and putting myself out there.

The haters are always going to hate, don’t let anyone bring you down, be yourself and ignore the negative. It’s much better to portray natural women, then have our young women growing up in society thinking that this airbrushed finish is normal.

It’s an honour for me that I can help this charity as an Australia ambassador for this movement. I love what MOD is about and together we can change the views on that small box they call beauty.